Y'all must have known that Watercolor papers have different textures right? But what are those types and what is their difference??

They usually comes in 3 different surface , smooth-fine grained (Hot pressed) , slightly textured surface (Cold pressed) & very rough

Hot-pressed paper
Contains fine grained, rather smooth surface. Some artists prefer hot-pressed paper for detailed work, but others find it too slippery, making it difficult to control the paint.

Cold-pressed paper
Secondly, cold-pressed paper, sometimes confusingly referred as "Not paper," meaning not hot-pressed. It is the most versatile and popular texture, suitable for both beginners and experienced painters, because its semi-rough surface is suitable for both detailed work and smooth washes.

And Finally,

Rough paper
Rough paper is a very rough textured surface. It is pressed between sheets of textured felt during the drying process, which is why it has a felt like texture. Rough paper is very absorbent, and because of that it is best for artist who wants to employ the wet on wet technique.


Hot-pressed: Smooth , best for painting as well as ink or lettering, good to use with water color brush such as tombow, sakura etc
Cold-pressed: Slightly textured ,  higher absorbency properties, best for watercolor painting
Rough: Rough, bumpy texture , incredible absorbency, best for wet on wet technique , deliver perfect washes and effects.


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