1. Golden High Flow Acrylic vs Fluid Acrylic

    Golden Fluid & High Flow Acrylics

    Golden Fluid Acrylics

    Golden Fluid Acrylics have the intensity equal of Golden Heavy Body Acrylics but with the consistency of heavy cream, Its even, flowing characteristics are useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring, spraying, staining techniques and many others. They offer strong colors and are created by loading an acrylic polymer binder with no fillers or extenders, nor is the fluid quality achieved with additional water. Fluids allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining color intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, and adhesion. Fluid acrylics are extremely versatile, and ideal for fine brushwork, glazing, staining, water

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  2. Varnish for Oil Painting

    It is important to choose the right varnish for your oil painting, if you're looking for a varnish to apply to your finished painting you should
    probably go for Dammar Varnish, or Picture Varnish for a longer lasting protection, note that these 2 mediums should only be apply to
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  3. Brush stroke / effects

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  4. Texture of Watercolor paper





    Y'all must have known that Watercolor papers have different textures right? But what are those types and what is their difference??

    They usually comes in 3 different surface , smooth-fine grained (Hot pressed) , slightly textured surface (Cold pressed) & very rough

    Hot-pressed paper
    Contains fine grained, rather smooth surface. Some artists prefer hot-pressed paper for detailed work,

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  5. Distilled Turpentine,Rectified Turpentine & Thinner

    We all know that Turpentine is for thinning and cleaning. But what is the difference between a distilled and rectified turpentine?
    Distilled Turpentine is a volatile oil obtained from the wood of pine trees by steam distillation. It has the ability to remove hardened paint from paint brushes. It could speed up

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